Hui Chen is a Professor,Tongji University,China

Hui Chen


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Tongji University


Hui Chen received his PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Yokohama National University in 1996. Subsequently, he engaged in R&D of electric power steering system in NSK Ltd., while 11 Japanese patents and 9 USA patents were registered, and the NSK Patent Business Contribution Prize was rewarded.

      In 2002, he joined Tongji University. As a Professor in the School of Automotive Studies, Tongji University, he holds the position of Director at the Chassis Electronic Control Systems Lab and at the Tongji-JTEKT Automotive Active Safety Technology Joint Lab. He held the position of Secretary General of ITS Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China from 2006 to 2018.


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Ph.D. (1996): Yokohama National University, Japan.
MS (1988): Donghua University, China
BS (1985): Donghua University, China


His research interests include chassis electronic control systems and intelligent vehicle technologies. Several dozens of papers have been published in the recent 5 years.


  • JTEKT Corporation, Japan
  • China Automotive Technology and Research Center, China
  • Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality
  • Economic & Information Commission of Shanghai Municipality
  • Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co., Ltd., China
  • SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, China